Lespedeza striata

Root Knot Nematode (nematode – Meloidogynespp.) The Rowan variety is resistant to some species of root knot nematodes. Nematicide applications are neither cleared nor practical for pasture applications. Species of nematodes other than root knot may affect this crop and cause stunting as well as loss of stand.

Dodder (parasitic plant – Cuscutaspp.): This small, light yellow parasitic plant wraps itself around the stems of lespedeza plants. It produces suckers or haustoria that penetrate the host tissue and serve to extract nutrients from it. When it occurs in a localized area, a burning device such as a prickly pear burner can be used to eradicate the plant.

Leafspot (fungi – Colletotrichum spp. and other fungi): Although leafspots occur, they seldom become a limiting production factor. Stands heavily spotted should be cut or grazed to remove inoculum potential.

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