Ajuga reptans

Root Knot Nematode (nematode – Meloidogyne incognita): Ajuga is very susceptible to Root Knot Nematodes. Infected plantings will begin to thin-out in spots and plants may die. Roots of infected plants will contain small knots caused by nematode feeding. (See section on Root Knot Nematodes)

Southern Blight (fungus – Sclerotium rolfsii): Southern Blight, also called Crown Rot, is a soil-borne disease of ajuga that will be more serious in poorly drained soils. Plants suddenly turn yellow and die in patches during warm, humid weather. Bases of stems rot and turn brown or black. Frequently, a white mold develops in which small reddish-tan bodies (sclerotia) develop. These sclerotia survive the winter and other unfavorable conditions. (See section on Southern Blight)

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