Lagerstroemia indicia

Powdery Mildew (fungus – Erysiphe lagerstroemiae): Powdery mildew is very common on crapemyrtle. It is particularly active in the spring and fall months. White-to-grayish moldy growth develops on leaves and new shoots. Dust or spray with a recommended fungicide at first appearance of mildew. Dallas red is an old variety with good mildew resistance. Check on availability of newer varieties with mildew resistance.

Leaf Spots (fungi – Cercospora spp., Phyllosticta spp.): Leaf spot fungi seldom cause severe damage. If needed, apply a recommended fungicide.

Cotton Root Rot: (See the section on Cotton Root Rot)

Mushroom Root Rot: See section on (See the section on Mushroom Root Rot)

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